Frequently Asked Questions:


General Instructions for Zoom Classes:

    1. A Moderator will be available during all classes to provide technical assistance and support, monitor attendance, and the group chat.
    2. These classes are treated like live classes. Attendee participation, cameras on, distractions put away are expected. No use of cell phones, iPads, or other websites is allowed during the class.
    3. Prior to the class, register for a free Zoom account at 48 hours before the class, attendees will receive an email with the Zoom link, meeting ID, and password. The waiting room will open 30 minutes before the class. Participants should mute their audio when joining the class and join with computer audio.
    4. All materials for the class will be available for download through the Student Center.
    5. No audio or video recordings of the class are allowed without the instructor's written permission.
    6. Certificates will be sent through Adobe Acrobat after the class. Certificates are printable through Adobe Acrobat. Attendees must be present for the final attendance at each session to receive the certificate. The certificate is required to apply for the renewal of licenses.

      It is important to follow these instructions to ensure a productive and successful online learning experience


How do I get a real estate license in New Hampshire?

The Salesperson license is the entry-level license in New Hampshire. The license is valid for two years and is renewable.

To summarize the steps to get a real estate license in New Hampshire:

  1. Complete the 40-hour Prelicense Course.
  2. Apply to the to schedule the Salesperson test.
  3. Take and pass the PSI New Hampshire Salesperson examination with a score of 70 or above.
  4. Apply to the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission for the Salesperson license.
  5. Pay the necessary fees for the Salesperson license and Criminal Records Check.

Make sure to consult the New Hampshire Real Estate Examination Candidate Handbook for detailed information on the requirements and procedures. Good luck in your pursuit of a real estate license in New Hampshire!


What are Home Study courses and how do I order them?

  1. Home study courses are accredited for renewal elective credits in Maine and New Hampshire.
  2. The courses consist of a correspondence book and 25-question final quiz. Correspondence books are shipped free via USPS and typically arrive within 3-5 days.
  3. Payment is made directly on the website, and secure invoices are available for online payment if necessary.
  4. The final quiz is scanned and returned by email to at the student's convenience.
  5. A score of 80% is required to pass in New Hampshire, and the certificate will be sent for fill and sign through Adobe Acrobat upon grading of the final quiz.
  6. A score of 85% is required to pass in Maine, and the Maine Educational Survey and certificate will be sent through Adobe Acrobat upon grading of the final quiz.
  7. Students can contact the instructor via email, text, or phone for any questions or concerns.


What are the continuing education requirements in Maine?

Associate Broker and Broker licensees must complete 21 hours of approved continuing education every two years. Three of these hours must be the current Core Course.


What are the continuing education requirements for New Hampshire first time renewal?

As of 2/1/2020, for any NEWLY ISSUED real estate license, the licensee is required to take 4 specific post licensing elective classes to renew the license first time. Rea 302.03

One in each category - Agency; Disclosure; Contracts; Ethical Behavior. These course numbers always start with PE. The courses must be taken live or livestream internet (zoom).

CORE is required of all licensees, active or inactive. CORE may be taken live, livestream or correspondence. CORE classes always start with a C.

Post licensing courses are also approved for general elective credits for all licensees who were licensed prior to 2/1/2020.

Courses may be repeated during a new renewal cycle. If you took a course for your last renewal, you are allowed to take the same course again for the next renewal.


What are the continuing education requirments for New Hampshire renewals for Active licenses renewing for subsequent renewals?

Active Licensees - Salesperson and Broker licensee must complete 15 hours of approved education every two years.

Three of those hours must be NH CORE.


What are the continuing education requirement for New Hampshire renewals for Inactive licenses?

Inactive licensees are required to take 3 hours of NH CORE.


What if a licensee is late renewing their license in New Hampshire?

The license has expired. The licensee cannot continue to practice real estate until bringing the license back into good standing. The licensee will be required to take the required 15 hours of electives and CORE. As of 12/17/2022 - Licensees who renew within the first 6 months after expiration are required to take 9 extra elective hours of education. The late fee has been removed. Six months after expiration the licensed is considered lapsed. Rea 401.02


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